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Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

The power of the walkie-talkie

Getting straight to the point with structured communications.

Henry PoydarProductivity , Team Communication , People & Culture

Building vs. optimizing

Inside every software company there are two modes.

Adam StoddardDesign

The Price of Innovation

The AI boom is only now possible because of... COVID??

Andy DidorosiPeople & Culture

The Problem with Github's "Contributions" Chart

Commits to GitHub are inputs. Working code in service of a solution is an output. Measure outputs, not inputs. Treat this graph like eye candy, nothing more.

Henry PoydarTeam Communication

The black box

A metaphor for the importance of communicating intent.

Adam StoddardProductivity

Outsourced Mind

Outsourcing your writing to AI is brilliant -- until it isn't.

Andy DidorosiPeople & Culture

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