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The power of the walkie-talkie

Getting straight to the point with structured communications.

Henry PoydarProductivity , Team Communication , People & Culture

The black box

A metaphor for the importance of communicating intent.

Adam StoddardProductivity

The Paradox of Miserable Data

Common sense tells us we should manage from data -- so why are all of us so miserable?

Andy DidorosiProductivity

Simple tips to rejuvenate how you schedule projects

How to do project management and schedules in a way people will actually enjoy it. (Bold claim, I know)

Michael KarampalasProductivity

Scrum Tools and Best Practices

Scrum is a simple framework, but it takes deliberate practice and motivation to master it. Learn which tools make it easy to implement with your team.

Aditya KulkarniProductivity

Using Kanban in Software Development

If you’re looking to get started with applying a project management methodology to your workflow, Kanban might be just what you need. It’s relatively easy to...

Keanan KoppenhaverProductivity

Understanding the Agile Triangle’s Role in Product Development

Learn how the agile triangle helps teams better manage the quality, value, and constraints of their projects.

Rabo James BatureProductivity

Agile Engineering Best Practices

Agile engineering preaches being efficient and responsive to change in order to develop the best product. Learn its best practices and how they can enable yo...

Alexander YuProductivity

Engineering Estimates

Learn about story point estimation, the problems it solves compared to time-based estimation, and how best to implement it with your team.

Michael NyamandeProductivity

Distributed Agile: Tips and Best Practices for Global Teams

A distributed team enables you to draw from a much larger talent pool but can come with some challenges, especially in an Agile environment. Use these tips t...

Rabo James BatureProductivity

Scrum Estimation: Tips for Improving Engineering Estimates

Accurate estimation is critical for managing project timelines and stakeholder expectations. Yet many teams struggle to do it effectively. Use these tips to ...

Nikhila JainProductivity

Scrum Templates for Running Effective Meetings

Having set meetings is one of the pillars of using Scrum, but for Scrum to work well, the meetings have to be productive. Utilize these templates to ensure t...

Kasper SiigProductivity

Scrum Metrics Every Team Leader Needs to Track

Using Scrum with your team and want to know how you're performing? Learn which metrics are most important to track and why so that you can get the best resul...

Cameron PaveyProductivity

Using Jira for Scrum Teams

Organizing, maintaining, and managing an agile team can be huge, complicated work. Learn how you can use Jira with your team to more easily and continuously ...

Sheekha SinghProductivity

The Scrum Board’s Role in Agile Development

Scrum boards offer a quick visual and interactive display of a project’s progress, allowing the entire team to be on the same page about the day-to-day work ...

Kumar HarshProductivity

5 Best Practices for Effective Team Meetings

Meetings don’t have to be something your team dreads or tries to avoid. The key is to make them effective and worthwhile. Check out these 5 best practices to...

Juliette ChevalierProductivity

Project Management on a Remote Team

Project management is hard. It can be even harder on a remote team. Learn to successfully manage a project while embracing the freedom and independence that ...

Tanaka MutakwaProductivity

Increasing Focus With No Meeting Days (or Weeks!)

In a world where it's accepted that meetings are bad yet unavoidable, what’s the solution? How can we balance making time to get things done with the need to...

Karl HughesProductivity

Project Management with GitLab

GitLab is great for teams looking to manage the entire DevOps lifecycle inside of a single platform, with many teams using its project management features in...

Tanaka MutakwaProductivity

Project Management with GitHub

Struggling to manage projects in GitHub? Learn how to use its features alongside third party tools to get organized and effectively run a project in GitHub.

Keanan KoppenhaverProductivity

Comparing Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Methodologies

There are multiple Agile approaches available to use, but when and how to use them depends on your product, team, and goals.

Linda IkechukwuProductivity

Everything You Need to Know About Standups

Whether you're new to standup meetings or just looking to make them more effective, we've got you covered.

Mihir PatelProductivity

A Comparison of Waterfall and Agile Methods

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of Waterfall and Agile methods so you can choose the one that's right for your team.

Marie StarckProductivity

The Rituals of Agile Development

Learn about the history, terminology, process, and rituals behind the agile development methodology.

Tanaka MutakwaProductivity

Time to Think

To accomplish something meaningful, you must fight back against constant distractions and get into a state of deep work.

Michael KarampalasProductivity

On Meetings and Wasting Time

Human progress comes from collaboration. People don’t hate meetings necessarily, they just hate having their time wasted.

Henry PoydarProductivity