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Steady for The Enterprise

Less meetings, more output

Steady radically increases productivity at large companies by turning hours of daily meetings and cross-team coordination into minutes.

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How Steady works, for the enterprise

Keeping everyone aligned, informed, and engaged across big companies is a constant struggle. On any given day, most people spend more time on coordination overhead than they do on actual work. Steady eliminates all that overhead with a simple, automated system that gives everyone, on any team, complete context in minutes. Here’s how:

  • Keep teams in sync without time-consuming meetings

    Async Smart Check-ins keep teammates in tight sync without meetings, increasing productivity and morale-boosting day-to-day flexibility. Linked activity from integrated apps keeps context high and effort low.

    • Better context, more productivity & flexibility
    • Increase focus with daily personal goals
    • Blocker alerts keep progress from stalling
    async Smart Check-ins in Steady
  • Rally your entire org around a focused mission

    At any large company, most people couldn’t tell you what the mission is, or how their work relates. Cascading Live Goals give meaning to day-to-day work, keep teams and divisions working in the same direction, and provide an at-a-glance snapshot of where things stand.

    • Increase engagement by adding meaning to work
    • Break down silos and keep information flowing
    • Get an instant read of where major initiatives stand
    Live Goals in Steady
  • Automatic presidential daily briefs, for everyone

    The sheer amount of information swirling around large companies makes gathering, synthesizing, and distributing information a herculean task. Steady’s Daily Digest automates all of that work by packaging relevant check-ins, goal updates, and comments into personal summaries, delivered daily.

    • Get up to speed in minutes
    • Personalized summary-level context
    • Get notified via app, email, Slack, or MS Teams
    the Daily Digest in Steady
  • What’s going on with every person and team, at a glance

    As organizations grow, it gets harder and harder to keep track of who does what, who’s working with who, and what teams are up to. Teams & People solves the problem by connecting your org chart to comprehensive views of plans & progress for every person and team.

    • Shift from measuring inputs to outputs
    • Foster trust, reduce shoulder-taps and questions
    • Get up to speed quick on plans & progress
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  • Enterprise-grade data security and privacy

    We count security-conscious financial and governmental institutions among our customers, so we employ advanced, proven technology to secure and back up your account information on protected and guarded systems that allow for scalability, performance, and reliability.

    • Steady is SOC 2, Type II audited and certified
    • All data is encrypted at transit and rest throughout our architecture
    • We will never use your data to train AI models
    Steady is SOC 2, Type II certified

Continuous Coordination, in under 2 minutes

Learn how modern knowledge work is broken, and how the principles behind Steady fix it.

All your tools, all in one place

Steady acts like a glue layer for your tools, pulling in key activity like meetings, commits, pull requests, and issue updates. Even better, Steady contextualizes that activity by attaching it to written summaries. No more information silos, no more blind spots, no more hunting for information.

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Microsoft Teams
Azure Devops
Pivotal Tracker
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Cut costs, not corners

People spend 60% or more of their work hours on meetings, context switching, and other alignment-related tasks. The cost in payroll and lost productivity is massive.

Steady saves teams big by turning hours of alignment work into minutes, leaving more time for value-creating work. A 200 person team would save $0,000 every month by replacing one meeting a day with Steady.

Crunch the numbers

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With Steady

Trusted by enterprises worldwide

Thousands of high-impact teams use Steady every day to stay aligned, productive, and engaged without all the coordination drudgery.

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“Our team is distributed across three continents and ten time zones. Team members say they appreciate starting their day seeing everyone else’s accomplishments and goals, and ending it with sharing their own. Steady helps the team see the bigger picture of what's happening.”

Janet Swisher
Janet Swisher

Community Lead & Project Manager @ Mozilla

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