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Product updates

AI summaries

New; AI summaries make it easier than ever to stay coordinated.

Work in the open

Put cross-team coordination on autopilot with Open Teams.

Your new, live team directory

Know who’s doing what, who’s working with who, and what every team has going on.

Status Hero -> Steady

What the change to Steady means for current Status Hero customers.


Meta Workplace Alternatives

Were you using Meta Workplace to communicate? Use Steady instead to coordinate.

A pragmatic look at using generative AI on a digital team

Draw the line at decision making and critical thinking.

What is Continuous Coordination?

A lightweight, human-centered framework for aligning people and teams to do their best work.

The cure for micro-management

How to use goals to get things done without telling people what to do.


The Steady Beat - Issue 24.6.3

AI for real, designers must code, the power of modern generalism, scaling insta, and delivering bad news.

The Steady Beat - Issue 24.6.2

Designing with robots, a product management superpower, syncing teams, distilling documentation, and heaping salt on AI-generated career advice.

The Steady Beat - Issue 24.6.1

CEO-bots, the value of feature factories, the iconic designs of Ray and Charles Eames, and the foundational goodness of HTML and CSS.

The Steady Beat - Issue 24.5.2

Familiarity vs novelty, the problem with GraphQL, product management eats world, and when to micromanage.