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The Steady Beat - Issue 24.5.1

Designers and chefs, dopamine and retention, the benefits of tech debt, and the evolving role of engineering managers.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

Meta Workplace Alternatives

Were you using Meta Workplace to communicate? Use Steady instead to coordinate.

Henry PoydarTeam Communication , Continuous Coordination

Work in the open

Put cross-team coordination on autopilot with Open Teams.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Your new, live team directory

Know who’s doing what, who’s working with who, and what every team has going on.

Joey GrilloProduct Updates

A pragmatic look at using generative AI on a digital team

Draw the line at decision making and critical thinking.

Henry PoydarTeam Communication , Leadership & Management

What is Continuous Coordination?

A lightweight, human-centered framework for aligning people and teams to do their best work.

Henry PoydarLeadership & Management , Team Communication , People & Culture

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