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Leadership & Management

What is Continuous Coordination?

A lightweight, human-centered framework for aligning people and teams to do their best work.

Henry PoydarLeadership & Management , Team Communication , People & Culture

The cure for micro-management

How to use goals to get things done without telling people what to do.

Adam StoddardLeadership & Management

Google's Crackdown

With Google's severe new return to office policy, will this mean the end of remote work as we know it?

Andy DidorosiLeadership & Management

AI and LLM Generation vs. Summarization

Functional knowledge bases represent critical thinking, so they are not a good fit for generative AI. On the other hand, the summarization and analysis capab...

Henry PoydarLeadership & Management , Team Communication

Meeting Fatigue vs. Making Human Connections

Don't kill your stand-up, but hold it less often and change the agenda.

Henry PoydarTeam Communication , Leadership & Management , People & Culture

Amazon demands a return to the office, but will anyone come?

The tech giant states most everyone will need to do three days in the office starting in May, but not everyone is on board.

Andy DidorosiLeadership & Management , People & Culture

LAUNCH: Goals/OKR Tracking Now Available!

Meet your goals or OKRs through genuine engagement.

Henry PoydarLeadership & Management , Product Updates

What is Hybrid Work? A Short History

"Hybrid work" has been in all the headlines recently as a "new way" of working together. Here's a brief summary of where hybrid work came from, who is agains...

Lisa ShawLeadership & Management

WTF is an OKR!? ft. KPIs or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Acronyms

OKRs are all the rage now so here's a pocket guide on what they are and how to implement them in your team.

Lisa ShawLeadership & Management

Tips for Structuring a Hybrid Remote Team

Some companies are fighting remote because they don't get it yet. Here are some tips to make it easier on you and your team.

Lisa ShawTeam Communication , Leadership & Management

Team Development Tips for Engineering and Product Leaders

Leaders must strive to build a team where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but despite the importance of team building and development, not ma...

Sundeep TekiLeadership & Management

Tips for Managing a Distributed Team

A distributed team offers a lot of advantages but to make it work well you need to be thoughtful. Clear communication, centralized sources of information, an...

Rabo James BatureLeadership & Management

Measuring Engineering Team Performance

Traditional metrics used to judge engineering team performance are easy to game, especially when they're focused on outputs vs. outcomes. Learn which metrics...

Jonathan NapitupuluLeadership & Management

Making Time To Act Deliberately

As a leader, making time to act deliberately, plan long-term projects, and prioritize problems that need to be solved are among your most important functions...

Karl HughesLeadership & Management

Signs You Might Be a Bad Manager

Are you a bad manager? Learn to spot the behaviors that signal you might be, while you still have time to correct them.

Sabine WojcieszakLeadership & Management

Making Remote Team Building Fun

On remote teams, it can be tough to build camaraderie, trust, and psychological safety. The goods news is there are many fun ways you can bring your team clo...

Malte StoeverLeadership & Management

One-on-One Meeting Template

1:1s are one of the most important tools you have as a manager. Use this template to create a shared agenda with your team member or manager to easily track ...

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management

Team Handbook Template

Team handbooks make it easy for everyone to know how your team works. Use this template to create one for your team.

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management

6 Steps For a Great One-on-one Meeting

Make sure you're getting the most out of your one-on-one meetings with this simple guide.

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management

Insights: Powering Effective Retros and 1:1s

Use the Insights Report to prepare for and run focused and effective retros and 1:1s.

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management , Product Updates

Transitioning from Support to Product Management - Lessons Learned

Thinking about making the jump from a Support role to a Product one? Hear about the lessons learned from someone that took the leap.

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management

Rock Stars vs. Superstars

You need a good mix of growth trajectory and ambition in your team. Keep the reliable rock stars on your team happy by offering them the same pay and respect...

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management

How to Have Productive 1-on-1 Meetings

Gather additional feedback privately, understand your employee’s challenges, and help them grow professionally through 1-on-1 meetings. By hosting regular 1-...

Leadership & Management

Grassroots Process

Avoid creating processes, especially ones that only serve management. When it is absolutely required, rely on people close to the work to propose and design ...

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management

How To Fix a Broken Team

If your team is broken, it’s (mostly) your fault. Take a deep breath, figure out the issues, and develop plans to solve them with help from your team. It’s n...

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management