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Dispatches from the front lines of modern work

Don’t go chasing Waterfall

Two principles that'll help you build better software, faster.

Adam StoddardDesign

The Paradox of Miserable Data

Common sense tells us we should manage from data -- so why are all of us so miserable?

Andy DidorosiProductivity

Making off-brand, on-brand

A quick example of how you can use a “brand lens” to create on-brand design from off-brand material.

Adam StoddardDesign

What an AI researcher taught me about defeating professional depression

Neither robot nor researcher is immune to the professional blues - so let's fix it.

Andy DidorosiPeople & Culture

“Craft at scale” is a white whale

Designers and product-folk like to think of ourselves as craftspeople. We *care* about making great software. Is it possible to do it at scale?

Adam StoddardDesign

Simple tips to rejuvenate how you schedule projects

How to do project management and schedules in a way people will actually enjoy it. (Bold claim, I know)

Michael KarampalasProductivity

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