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Great teams love Steady

High performing teams from all over the world use Steady to stay in sync, communicate effectively, exceed their goals, and continuously improve. Here's what a few of them have to say about us.

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“Steady has helped change the way team members organize their days, focusing more on goals and less on specific tickets or to-dos. It has also allowed us to optimize time spent during stand-up so more time can be spent coding.”

Chris Monnat

VP of Engineering @ Industry Dive

“Tracking against daily goals has vastly improved our productivity and efficiency. The automation is great - no more chasing everyone down!”

Nicolas Grasset

CTO @ MakeSpace

“Standup participation was piecemeal and it was hard to get a full picture - until the team adopted Steady. Now we have 100% participation and great visibility into the team and other teams are now even getting on board! It's that good!”

Ryan Katkov

Head of Engineering @ Life360

“Our team is distributed across three continents and ten time zones. Team members say they appreciate starting their day seeing everyone else’s accomplishments and goals, and ending it with sharing their own. Steady helps the team see the bigger picture of what's happening.”

Janet Swisher

Community Lead & Project Manager @ Mozilla

“[Steady] has been a great add for improving transparency and productivity at PeerStreet. As a distributed team, we're able to have better insights into progress and blockers without the inconvenience, inefficiency and constant technical issues of a scheduled conference meeting across multiple timezones.”

Alex Perelman

CTO @ PeerStreet

“What was once 15 minutes of ceremony for us is now the most effective 5-10 minutes of our day. Team members can collaborate in a clear and consistent way while our managers and stakeholders can easily identify challenges and roadblocks. Everyone comes prepared and everyone is in the know.”

Chris Kirby

Director of Engineering @ Red Ventures

“Loom has distributed teams spread throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, and Europe. Steady let’s our independent product teams update each other through async daily standups and allows for more heads down time.”

Vinay Hiremath

Co-Founder/Head of Engineering @ Loom

“In 14 years of being an all-remote company we've tried lots of communication tools. [Steady] is the simplest tool for keeping widely distributed teams in sync.”

John Butler

Partner @ Crazy Egg

“[Steady] is great for us: across different office locations we can bring together everyone's daily updates ready for the morning stand-ups. Quick, efficient, visual, no messing around!”

Oliver Davies

Director of Digital Product @ UKTV

“[Steady] has changed the way our company keeps everyone informed on our daily focuses and challenges. As a global team working in many different timezones, [Steady] has allowed us to stay accountable with each other and efficient with our time.”

Norma Kwee

Head of Product @ Working Not Working

“Imposium is comprised of a distributed team across various time zones. [Steady] allows our dev team to report back on work without adding extra meetings.”

Lauren Brown

Head of Platform @ Imposium

“Our team is often scattered around the world with irregular schedules and time zones so [Steady] really helps to keep the team in sync allowing us to address issues efficiently.”

Yo Kwon

CEO @ Hosho

“With [Steady] each of our team members can prioritize their work and we can easily stay on top of what others are working on.”

Brian Crain

Co-Founder @ Chorus One

“I needed a simple, hands-off way to keep the whole team engaged. [Steady] is quick, easy, and really helps us collaborate and see the connections in our work.”

Kevin Gammariello

Director & Team Lead @ 2U

“We operate out of 6 time zones. Without [Steady], it would be nearly impossible to keep everyone connected, informed, and most of all, happy. It's been a huge part of our success.”

Mei Siauw

CEO @ LeadIQ

“[Steady] not only streamlines the standup process, it provides a simple goal-oriented approach to structuring your day that makes you feel like you're making steady progress instead of falling behind. Our whole team loves it and I can't imagine going back.”

Andrew Childs

Co-Founder @ Shortcut

“Meetings are the most expensive thing we do. Killing status meetings has been a massive cost savings for us. [Steady] was an insta-buy.”

Dinshaw Gobhai

Engineering Team Lead @ Constant Contact

“Now, thanks to [Steady], the synchronization of the development team day after day has become simple and effective. We also particularly appreciate the integration with ClubHouse and GitLab”

Gael Martinet

Founder @ Flux

“As a 100% remote company with teams spread all over the world, [Steady] has proved invaluable in connecting everyone and providing the transparency that's vital in keeping everyone informed and focused on their goals. It's quickly become a core component of our operations strategy.”

Justin Montgomery

VP of Marketing @ Airpush

“We're a highly distributed global team, working across many timezones. [Steady] helps us all stay connected with a concise and efficient communication mechanism that reduces the number of meetings we need to have to maintain a high level of productivity.”

Benjamin Williams

Sr. Director of Product @ Cloudbees

“[Steady] is a quick, efficient tool for our team to check in and share priorities without impacting busy, daily schedules. It is the perfect solution for days when we are not meeting. As a supervisor I have appreciated the ability to roll up all of my staff's task lists and requests for assistance in one place.”

Robert Davis

Program Manager @ National Park Service

“Before, we just had updates as piles of text in a Slack channel that were really hard to go back through. Freeing up that information has been the biggest benefit for us. Great work with the UX - the whole app really does a good job of exposing functionality without getting in the way.”

John Thomas

Team Lead @

“[Steady] is a perfect tool to plan your day as a team. It takes only a minute of time every day to check-in, and every team member knows exactly what his colleagues doing which really helped to boost our collaboration and prevent some "you should've told me!" situations.”

Mikhail Tuzikov

System Engineer @ Badoo

“At LEDA, we turn managers into leaders. A big part of leadership is removing the roadblocks affecting your team. [Steady] lets me know who is blocked so I can find them help.”

Ashley Leach

Founder @ LEDA

“Having 5 different Business Development teams is quite a challenge for comprehensive reporting and overview. [Steady] helps us immensely with an easy-to-use interface and a fast customer support. Big thumbs up!”

David Petrovic

Head of Distribution Patnerships @

“[Steady] makes it much easier to keep in touch with all of our staff across 10 different timezones. It has increased our productivity and made our staff more accountable.”

Matthew Larner

Managing Director @ ClickSend

“Our CEO loves the transparency, and all of us in a leadership or management role find the blockers info invaluable. People report they are thinking more deliberately about their goals for the day and trying to plan more efficiently.”

Deb Cypher

VP Product & Engineering @ Tridiuum

“[Steady] is a perfect way for's all-remote team to stay connected day to day without tedious status meetings. Our team loves using [Steady]!”

Graham Davis

Marketing Director @

“[Steady] enables me and my team to stay connected, remain focused, remove roadblocks, meet deadlines and provide quality results while scattered across campus.”

Kenneth Reaves

Director of Research and Strategic Projects @ Southeastern University

“[Steady] is our virtual stand-up and accountability space that keeps the team connected working remote and in different cities. No need to ramble on daily calls, it gives the opportunity to reflect on individual goals, while also offering visibility into co-workers' activities as a means to reach out and provide support when needed.”

Ryan Short

Founder/CEO @ Detour UX

“[Steady] is the smart way to do a "stand up" in a distributed organization. It helps us keep everyone in-sync and focused on solving real problems.”

Stan Rosenberg

VP of Engineering @ Forensiq

“[Steady] helps our growing team stay up-to-date on what's in progress without drawing it out in yet another meeting. Team members can see who is blocked and engage in conversations about specific work items without the productivity impact you'd see if that occurred in a meeting, and the GitHub integration is fantastic for seeing how check-ins relate to their report.”

Sean Timm

Technical Lead @ The Krazy Coupon Lady

“The key for remote work is building trust through transparency. [Steady] helped us automate the process of making everyone's work and status transparent.”

Juho Makkonen

Co-Founder/CEO @ Sharetribe

“We love [Steady]! It's such a simple way to keep an eye on your team's priories and goals. It's also greatly helped with our time management. Highly recommend!”

Danielle Lozano

Director @ ClearOne Advantage

“[Steady] helps our team stay on the same page. It helps us step back and see what we've achieved every day. Highly recommended!”

Sofia Quintero

Founder/CEO @ EnjoyHQ

“[Steady] helped us start doing daily stand-ups, consistently. Our team is more productive because they start their morning by visualizing their day ahead and reflecting on their accomplishments from the day before.”

Neal Kemp

CTO @ GovPredict

“[Steady] provides me with a snapshot of what my team is intending on achieving today. And if there are blockers I can get them out of the way so we can keep moving.”

Brendt Sheen

CEO @ Code Heroes

“[Steady] helps me keep track of what's going to happen each day and what each one achieved at the end of the day, without any back and forth or emailing.”

Andrea Nagar

Founder/CEO @ PhraseExpander

“As an all remote company our team members are distributed in both location and time-zone. [Steady] helps all of us stay connected, up to date on each other's work, and productive.”

Joshua Ho

Founder @ Referral Rock

“[Steady] helped our team stream-line our weekly HPM process. It allows us to be more in the know of what everybody is up to, keep track of each other’s goals and offer help cross-functionally”

Victor Servin

CTO @ TheVentureCity

“[Steady] helps us see a clear picture of our day and see what our other team is up to. Instead of spending a lot of time doing huddles and meetings with tribe members to get updates on projects, we now use the time to do our tasks and reach our goals.”

Paula Bernasor

Lead @ ASPACE Cebu

“Everyone in our remote team is now on the same page. [Steady] made our internal communication better.”

Jens Kammerer

Founder/CEO @ Jaumo

“[Steady] helps me understand what everyone in my company is working on, how it's going, and whether or not they're getting stuck - without having to ask or annoy.”

Jonathan Levi

Founder @ SuperHuman Enterprises

“[Steady] enables us to get daily status updates without the overhead of a face-to-face standup, plus we get a written record without anyone having to take notes.”

Ryan Houlette

Co-Founder @ Sense

“[Steady] has helped us increase horizontal communication amongst our team. Each of us is aware of what the other is doing on any given day.”

Chris Robb

Senior Manager @ Indiana University Global NOC

“[Steady] allows our team to stay in touch without scheduling more meetings. It's the perfect tool - it gets out of the way and is instantly valuable.”

Danny Sauter

Co-Founder @ Bamboo

“[Steady] facilitates team communication across multiple time-zones with asynchronous stand-up meetings on a daily basis!”

Cody McLain

Chief Ninja @ Support Ninja

“[Steady] is a very simple tool that helped us speed up daily standup meetings for our remote team, and added simple tracking of goals, achievements and blockers.”

Ivica Hrg

CTO @ Kompare

“Our team is spread out across multiple locations managing multiple projects. Sometimes getting everyone together at the same time for a stand up is a challenge. [Steady] makes a virtual check in a piece of cake by integrating with the tools that are already part of our remote workflow. We can update at our desk or on the go and keep the rest of the team in the loop.”

Ryan Ruud

Founder/CEO @ Lake One

“As the number of agile teams grew in our organization, our weekly scrum of scrums was taking too much time and not providing enough depth. [Steady] allowed us to streamline that process, provide greater feedback between teams and allow for that information to be shared with our entire engineering organization.”

Zach Breslaw

Director of Software Development @ CBT Nuggets

“We work as a remote team and [Steady] dramatically helped us be more effective. Thanks to [Steady] our standups are much more organized and we reduced the time by 50%.”

Peter Karakas

CTO @ CodersRank

“It's so helpful for us to have such a simple way to have a written record of our stand every day. We've been far more coordinated with our remote team members because of [Steady].”

Jesse Miller

Associate Director, Product Management @ OAO

“[Steady] is a simple and effective way of tracking who is doing what and keeping people focused on the things that matter. Stand-up sessions are more productive as they concentrate on exceptions - so more time spent on building great products and less on administrative tasks.”

Gerald Dunn

COO/CFO @ Quant

“[Steady] helps our team to stay focused on their daily goals and keeps all teams across different timezones in sync with each other. It fills the need of sharing quick updates on daily basis.”

Bhaumik Shukla

VP Products & BizOps @ IQM

“[Steady] is the most efficient and effective way for our team to stay across project progress. It has saved us so much time by easily identifying blockers and helping our project managers get a snapshot of the day ahead.”

Gavin Ballard

CEO @ Disco Labs

“[Steady] is great for making sure our team are all on the same page, every morning. We can see at-a-glance what each other is up to and make sure nobody's getting stuck — regardless of whether they're in the office or working remotely.”

Olly Browning

Head of Marketing @ Doordeck

“As a small remote team, [Steady] is key to keeping everyone up to date on each other's work. A game changer for good internal communication.”

Adrien Chauve

Co-Founder & CTO @ EthicAdvisor

“[Steady] has helped us truly embrace flexible hours by allowing us to move to asynchronous status reporting, and completely removing the need for daily in-person status update meetings. I have also seen a tremendous uptick in participation from my team since moving to [Steady]. The fact is that we like using the tool and it shows in our willingness to partake. We tried various tools in the past, but nothing comes close to the experience we have with [Steady].”

De Ville Weppenaar

CTO @ Blue Robot

“[Steady] has been crucial in helping me stay up to date and helping out team members with issues and bottlenecks. It has given me a great 50 foot view of what's happening on a week by week basis.”

Jordan Choo

Managing Partner @ Kogneta

“[Steady] helps our remote team stay updated on each other's progress so that we can work together well even though we are in different places! We highly appreciate it.”

EnYi Ong

Co-Founder @ PeraPera

“We have a growing, distributed team across many time zones. [Steady] helps us stay updated and hand off work asynchronously. This keeps our limited face-to-face time over video chats focused on strategic issues, pair programming, or design discussions.”

Alan Cohen

Sr. Engineer @ Reciprocity

“While setting up a new international team of engineers in three different countries, [Steady] helped in bringing transparency, visibility and trust in between the new members of the team. For managers, leads and architects, it provides an invaluable daily overview (and history) of the team's work, complementing physical standups.”

Bob De Schutter

Head of Engineering @ Veepee

“[Steady] is an absolute morning ritual in our small structure, working with some remote based mates. It allows each one of us a sneek peek of what's going on, who's working on what. Fast and smart.”

Gautier Michelin

President @ IdéesCulture

“[Steady] has been integral in keeping our team all on the same page. We truly know what everyone is doing on a given day.”

Mason Wear

Product Manager @ Senseye

“We work in completely distributed way with some of our team members half a world away. [Steady] brings us together and helps us to get visibility over other peoples work day, as well as provide amazing insight over time!”

Paul Carroll

CTO @ Apigeeks

“[Steady] allows me to stay on top of our workload during our busiest times of year ”

Carrie Baron

Co-Founder/Partner @ Baron Strohmenger

“Even if we're a small team, [Steady] has helped us to stay informed of the progress around us, whether someone is working remotely or not.”

Antti Sartanen

CEO @ HipFire Games

“[Steady] helps us aggregate important data from the existing systems our developers rely on such as Jira & Github to the non-technical team members in our organization to give a clearer picture of the team's daily progress without requiring the devs to attend or fill out a standup. This has been a time saver for everyone that uses [Steady] and the cost is well worth the increased productivity time.”

Mike Maxwell

VP, Technology @ Hathway

“8 West Consulting have clients all over the world and [Steady] is a great way for us to ensure that our development team and product owners stay close to each others work. In some cases we have zero office overlap, but [Steady] allows everyone on both sides of the project to start their day knowing exactly where the project is.”

Mark Rainford

Director @ 8 West Consulting

“[Steady] provides us with a simple way to manage the progress of our remote team members. Without [Steady], I would have to text each team member every day!”

Shawn Clake

CEO and President @ eHelply

“[Steady] has been a great tool to encourage prioritization. This is especially helpful with a virtual team so we have a better sense of what our colleagues are doing across a number of countries.”

Drew Bonfiglio

Co-founder and Partner @ Emzingo

“As a newly hired CTO, who was moving his team to a more distributed workspace, I was looking for ways to minimize meetings, but increase team communication. [Steady] is a great way to keep updated across our engineering and product teams (onsite and remote), as well as see a summary of daily code checkins and JIRA updates.”

Kirk Marple

CTO @ Kespry

“Getting consistent daily updates from our remote team was always a pain. With [Steady], everybody participates because it's so easy and I don't have to chase anybody down so we can all focus on what needs to get done.”

Andy Baldacci

CEO @ SaberSim

“Flexible work schedules made our daily stand-up meetings nearly impossible. [Steady] was the missing link that keeps our team connected and moving forward.”

Mike McLin

Web Developer @ Paperstac

“As a remote company, [Steady] helps our team stay aligned. I like that it forces me to take a moment to think about my priorities for the day.”

Sebastien Couture

Co-founder and Host @ Epicenter Podcast

“[Steady] has been great for our newly distributed team to stay connected. It makes it easy for us to communicate which in turn helps keep our development momentum at a high level.”

Robert Kassees

VP of Product @ ReferralExchange

“[Steady]’s simple and intuitive UI gives our team an effective and efficient way to report their daily status report. It helped improve productivity and communication across our distributed teams.”

Sai Kit Chu

Product Manager @ CurrentWare

“InfuseAI is a fully remote team. We tried different tools in the past, but [Steady] is the simplest, and our team loves it.”

Liang-Bin Hsueh

Co-founder & COO @ InfuseAI

“We love [Steady] because it (1) helps us instill good agile standup practices on our clients' data teams and (2) gives our remote team visibility into each other’s work and ways we can support or unblock each other.”

Ilse Ackerman

Director @ Brooklyn Data Co.

“We have a remote team and it's important for us to stay connected and have clear visibility into the team's progress. [Steady]'s daily check-ins have helped us improve our communication, remain focused on tasks, and identify blockers.”

Carina Alabanza

Principal UX Designer @ Reltio

“As a distributed team that uses Slack, [Steady] helped Impekable level up daily standups for our product team. It surfaced blockers quickly and kept the team accountable to posting consistently.”

David Wachtendonk

VP of Product @ Impekable

“With [Steady], we have upped our awareness of what everyone is doing, which makes us feel more connected, which makes us happier and a little bit better in our jobs.”

Paul Schneider

Founder @ Brick River

“With our team members all having to work from home [Steady] was able to help everyone keep up with what was happening on a day to day basis. The added feature of SMS reminders really helped us as we often are out at clients and being able to quickly update everyone from your phone is amazing!”

Steven Bakker

Director @ Business IT Pros

“We love using [Steady] to keep our Project Management Office connected while working remotely. It is simple to use and we engage in friendly competition to see who completes their status first. ”

Janice Maxwell

Director @ Georgia State University

“For us, it is key to have transparency and accountability in our production process. [Steady] is helping us cut through the project management noise, helping us organize the day and have clarity on how leadership can collaborate with an extended team in different time zones. [Steady] has become a very important tool for us and fundamental for our success.”

Noam Man

CEO @ Minutentag

“[Steady] has been instrumental in helping us transition our company into a virtual organization. As a manager, I particularly like the weekly check-in updates.”

Nathan Fahrenthold

VP of Sales and Operations @ Studylog Systems, Inc.

“Discount Power had to quickly transition to a remote work structure, and [Steady] helped us do so without missing a beat. The daily reminders for the team and the summary every morning is invaluable.”

Joel Glassman

COO @ Discount Power, Inc.

“[Steady] is an essential part of how we collaborate. It's amazing how such a small change in our daily workflow has allowed us to create a more connected and transparent team.”

Jari Sanders

Chief of Product & Design @ Collabsoft

“When stay-at-home orders kicked into place, and our entire team switched to working remotely, we needed a simple tool to help us stay on track as we worked towards launch. [Steady] has been invaluable to us!”

George Durzi

CTO @ Amuse

“As a startup CEO I was already struggling with lack of visibility to what my team is working on pre-Corona, but now working remotely it would have been super hard, had we not discovered [Steady]. Now each person spends less than a minute on answering the Slack bot and I get a full overview of what people are up to and how they're feeling.”

Joonatan Lintala

CEO & Co-founder @ Phaver

“Mutable was founded on a remote company culture, and [Steady] has proved to be an efficient, laid-back tool that’s made it easier for our team to stay in-synch across countries and timezones. Check-ins only take a minute, but save us many more.”

Antonio Pellegrino

Founder & CEO @ Mutable

“[Steady] has helped our team share and easily recall team member updates, which has been especially helpful while working remotely. My favourite feature is the Slack integration. It's seamless, prompts our team members on time, and works perfectly!”

Anthony Ziebell

Head of Engineering @ Temple & Webster

“We're a 100% remote company (and always have been), and we've been searching for a means to track accountability and provide inter-project insight and transparency. [Steady] is just what we needed, and that it integrates so seamlessly with Slack makes it a home run.”

Annette O'Neil

Head of Operations @ Clearview

“[Steady] has been absolutely crucial as Sym adapts to the conditions of COVID-19. With teammates spread across four timezones, I don't know how we'd function without it! Daily standup calls are impractical, and it's difficult to remember to send manual updates; we already live in Slack all day so this is perfect.”

Yasyf Mohamedali

Co-Founder & CEO @ Sym

“[Steady] helps our team stay synced without the manual work. Love the Slack integration!”

Shawn Arora

VP of Operations @ LogDNA

“[Steady] has helped keep our team connected during the transition to remote work. The Slack integration encourages participation and gives the entire team visibility into what everyone is working on.”

Chris Korhonen

CTO @ Poplar

“[Steady] has been our go to solution for organizing our daily and weekly priorities. It creates a sense of focus for us ensuring we are working on the most important things.”

Nick Bequary

COO @ Stemify

“[Steady] puts team culture into practice by adding communication, transparency and feedback to our daily process. It integrates nicely with our other tools, which keeps work moving in an engineering team split across 5 continents.”

Sam Udotong

CTO @ Fireflies, Inc

“As a remote team, we love written, async communication, and [Steady] made it possible for our standup process. More than that, it made it 10x better by connecting with the other tools we already use — like Slack, Clubhouse and Github.”

Luca Rossi

Head of Engineering @ Translated

“[Steady] enables our team to check-in quickly each day. Automatically importing updates from our project management tool made our transition to remote work easier!”

Cassidy Heit

Director of Communications @ Oklahoma Primary Care Association

“[Steady] has helped improve our team synergy tremendously. Every morning my co-founder and I are instantly able to spot any blockers & vet the overall mood of our team.”

David Iya

Co-Founder and CTO @ Eze

“With our transition to a fully remote setting, [Steady]’s asynchronous check-ins have kept our teams’ tasks organized. It seamlessly integrated with our current systems, adding value without the burden of adding more tools.”

Jason Hettmansperger

Head of Development @ Blue Raster

“We are big on achieving goals EVERY DAY and [Steady] gives us great stats and keeps our team accountable daily. And the integrations with platforms like Slack and JIRA make it a really "seamless" process as well!”

Jake Phillips

VP of Product @ Seamless.AI

“[Steady] is a great addition to our team environment. Within a week of setting up the app we have been able to react to our team's well-being with the mood selection.”

Justin Porter

Owner @ Text Connects

“[Steady] has been great at keeping me and my team aligned with what's going on, in a remote world, it's a great way for my team to check in on their own time and let me make sure that projects are moving efficiently.”

Kris Chase

VP of Technology @ Envoy

“One thing I love about [Steady] is the easy tracking of blockers. We have different teams using different Jira boards, and it's difficult to switch from one board to another to capture the teams' blockers. With [Steady], I can right away see it on one screen.”

Jomar Colao

General Manager @ Therma

“Working as a distributed team among time zones, [Steady] really helped our team members to be flexible yet provide the visibility needed. By using [Steady], we can get team members unblocked faster each day.”

David Augusztinovicz

Director of Product Development @ Seller.Tools

“With an international team, [Steady] has been extremely helpful in understanding who's working on what and how everyone is doing. Nice to get an insight into everyone's day-to-day.”

Evan Kennedy

Head of Production @ LunarCrush

“As a 100% remote team, Tellie reduces wasteful meetings to provide ample time for team members to excel in their work goals. By consolidating our status updates into an asynchronous stream, we have more time to collaborate on higher-level goals and keep things loose and fun (which we find vital to a healthy remote environment).”

Leonard Souza

VP of Engineering @ Tellie

“[Steady] is your daily standup assistant regardless of whether your team is remote or fully on-site. Replace your synchronous meetings or constant Slack nudges with a slick and beautiful app that escalates blockers, keeps tabs on missed standup submissions, aggregates mood tracking, and generates a clear daily report for your management team!”

Mario Peshev

CEO @ DevriX

“With team members all across the US, all with varied schedules, it is hard to keep a scrum team engaged and supported. [Steady] has saved us so much time and keeps us all on the same page, no matter where we are.”

Janaya Fix

Sr. Product Manager @ MainStem

“[Steady] gets our remote teams all on the same page so we can save time during check-ins. By focusing on blockers and goals we can move through reports much quicker each day.”

Dan Cramer

CTO @ Safe and Reliable Healthcare

“Our team is 100% remote and distributed across several countries and continents. [Steady] allows us to maintain asynchronous communication across the company and teams so that everyone has insight into what the other parts of the company are working on.”

Mike Lee

Head of Commercialization @ KatalystDI

“[Steady] is part of a new breed of simple technologies we incorporate into our stack to navigate the post-COVID world of remote/hybrid work. Our team lives in Slack, so integrating updates right into each team's Slack channel is seamless and highly engaging.”

Rob Wise

CTO @ Aumni

“[Steady] lets us asynchronously manage an international, cross-functional team, but more importantly—because of it, when we meet live, we discuss meaningful topics more efficiently than before.”

Scott Brittain

CTO @ Digital Pharmacist

“[Steady] makes it easy for everyone to write a short daily update, providing reminders as well as automatically pulling in relevant information from Google Calendar, Jira and Github.”

Alexander Kong

CTO @ Styla

“The daily updates with [Steady] help our team work together across many time zones. Naming the blockers and mentioning the associated teammates are the most impactful features to keep momentum.”

Lauren Meeker

Sr. Product Manager @ Marketing 360

“I've brought [Steady] to the last two companies I've co-founded to help our engineering teams coordinate across time zones more easily and to get each team member to be conscious about what they'd work on each day. I especially like that our teams actually enjoyed using it daily, and we know this because we vote on which tools to continue to use as a team. Using [Steady] won in a landslide!”

Neal Kemp

CEO and Co-founder @ Strider

“[Steady] has been like adding a window into everyone's daily working lives. Being fully remote, we started to lose how people were truly engaging day to day and how they felt within the role. Now, we can see, before it becomes a problem, how a member of the team is being effected by projects.”

Laurence Chandler

Director @ Solution17

“We are a software development agency with employees across 4 timezones. [Steady] enables us to eliminate meetings and annoying checkins by giving our management team a detailed view of how everyone is doing. The mood option has been great for identifying when someone is struggling or just not feeling well.”

Avi Kaufman

CEO @ AK Launch

“With a remote team across 4 continents, staying on top of things can be a challenge. But with [Steady], I can get a pulse on the business in just minutes every day.”

Jeff Sauer

Founder and CEO @

“[Steady] gives me the ability to proactively discover issues and blockers and create a continuous feedback loop with my remote team. It's made me a better manager and it's improved the employee experience all around.”

JH Scherck

Owner & Principal @ Growth Plays

“Working with a team across multiple time zones makes it difficult to organize daily status meetings. [Steady] allowed me to keep track with offshore and onshore developers to quickly identify blockers to resolve as developers submitted updates. Major value add for the organization!”

Kevin Taveira

Engineering Manager @ Wirewheel

“With a fully remote team split across three time zones, asynchronous standups just made sense for us. The team has loved [Steady] -- it has given us back a lot of focus and mental energy, and allowed us to be more intentional in connecting face-to-face.”

Anthony Manning-Franklin


“With teammates across different time zones, [Steady] helps keep everyone in the loop on what's going on in the company without having to ‘virtually tap’ people on their shoulders. Fewer interruptions and fewer meetings mean more time for productive work!”

George Cheng

CEO @ Viewabo

“[Steady] turns a daily 10-minute meeting into a 10-second Slack command with an elegant UI. We're a remote team, so being able to update our team asynchronously is a huge win for our productivity.”

Brent Brookbush

CEO & Founder @ Brookbush Institute

“[Steady] provides transparency and accountability across engineering teams, helping surface issues and drive innovation faster.”

Jon Rose

CISO @ IOmergent

“Using [Steady], we align our team of 12 nationalities working from 7 countries - and save countless hours of weekly meeting time. [Steady] also provides management with a pulse of the company and our employees. I find [Steady] irreplaceable.”

Thomas Parsli

CTO @ Völur

“Saltwater Games is a globally decentralised game studio. Our early challenges were around speed to unblocking complex decisions. Using asynchronous updates, we are able to address blockers much more quickly, freeing up our people to preserve their friends and family time.”

David Plisek

COO @ Saltwater Games

“As a scrum master, [Steady] has made my life so much easier! I can effortlessly track and view all work that has been done and the work that is being done without the tedious note taking.”

TJ Hefele

Scrum Master @ sportsYou

“[Steady] works seamlessly with our current tools like GitHub and it automatically collates our team’s activities and check-ins into a single insightful report that’s easy to review. It is also a huge help in managing our diverse team as it provides real-time blocker alerts as well as goal tracking to help create estimates and celebrate wins.”

Rahul Jhaveri

Founder & Director @ Jhavtech Studios

“With a team spread across many countries and timezones, [Steady] keeps us on track every single day, and keeps our check-ins focused, actionable, and productive.”

Dylan Pyle


“[Steady] has been a low-friction way to keep our team members all connected to each other while working remotely, in a way that feels positive and motivational. The opportunity to comment or react to the status updates is also an easy way to show my appreciation for them.”

Joel Rendall

Co-Founder @ Practice Portuguese

“[Steady] has been instrumental in helping us scale up our Engineering function to multiple independent squads. We had tried a few different products to help us nail async standups but [Steady] has been by far the most reliable.”

Tim Tamimi

Head of Engineering @ Laka

“Forget Daily Standups! Since introducing [Steady] the team has had more clarity and visibility of what's going wrong and what's going right. A Friday standup is all we need now!”

Grant Rutherford

CTO @ Component Sense

“Being notified of blockers within our remote team has meant that the other team members can jump on issues much faster resulting in timely solutions and improved customer satisfaction.”

Simon Jones

Partner @ Patona

“[Steady] gives the whole team visibility on what we're each working on, creating more opportunities for discussion, collaboration, and support.”

David Ly Khim

Co-founder, CEO @ Omniscient Digital