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Team Communication

What is Continuous Coordination?

A lightweight, human-centered framework for aligning people and teams to do their best work.

Henry PoydarLeadership & Management , Team Communication , People & Culture

Apple's Vision Pro, Anthropology, and Modern Work

While Apple's headset may not be suitable for in-person social interactions, it has lots of potential in the modern workplace.

Henry PoydarPeople & Culture , Newsletter , Team Communication

The power of the walkie-talkie

Getting straight to the point with structured communications.

Henry PoydarProductivity , Team Communication , People & Culture

The Problem with Github's "Contributions" Chart

Commits to GitHub are inputs. Working code in service of a solution is an output. Measure outputs, not inputs. Treat this graph like eye candy, nothing more.

Henry PoydarTeam Communication

AI and LLM Generation vs. Summarization

Functional knowledge bases represent critical thinking, so they are not a good fit for generative AI. On the other hand, the summarization and analysis capab...

Henry PoydarLeadership & Management , Team Communication

Meeting Fatigue vs. Making Human Connections

Don't kill your stand-up, but hold it less often and change the agenda.

Henry PoydarTeam Communication , Leadership & Management , People & Culture

Tips for Structuring a Hybrid Remote Team

Some companies are fighting remote because they don't get it yet. Here are some tips to make it easier on you and your team.

Lisa ShawTeam Communication , Leadership & Management

A Leader’s Role in Setting and Meeting Team Goals

Team goals can be motivational, provide insight into how your processes are performing, foster collaboration and innovation, and ensure that everyone’s work ...

Sabine WojcieszakTeam Communication

The Scrum Ceremonies Used by Agile Teams

Learn how the scrum ceremonies help agile teams plan, work, and communicate efficiently.

Sheekha SinghTeam Communication

The Complete Guide to Effective Virtual Meetings

Good communication is vital to an organization’s success, and virtual meetings play an essential role in achieving that. But you can’t simply transfer in-per...

Sabine WojcieszakTeam Communication

7 Ground Rules for Virtual Meetings

Use these 7 ground rules to keep your virtual meetings efficient and productive.

Daniel OlaogunTeam Communication

Using Stakeholder Meetings to Align Your Product Team

Building a product is hard work, especially when you’re building with a team. If you ensure that your product team is aligned from the start, you’ll have a b...

Keanan KoppenhaverTeam Communication

Avoiding Bad Meetings and What to Do When You’re in One

There are a lot of ways that meetings can go wrong. If you find a meeting is becoming unproductive, take a breath and use these tips to steer your team back ...

Veronica StorkTeam Communication

What to Do When You Have Too Many Meetings

Meetings are essential for enabling collaboration, creativity, and fostering relationships. But having too many meetings kills productivity, drains morale, a...

Tanaka MutakwaTeam Communication

5 Types of Meetings Remote Teams Need

For teams making the transition to remote work, one of the biggest challenges is communicating effectively. Meetings are often the main channel for sharing i...

Julie ChipkoTeam Communication

The Five Agile Meetings Explained

Learn how the five key agile meetings improve collaboration and productivity on your team.

Sabine WojcieszakTeam Communication

Fixing Communication Debt In Remote Work Environments

While communication is critical, without discipline around managing it, team members end up dealing with a constant barrage of notifications and messages. So...

Mihir PatelTeam Communication

Remote Work Glossary

Use this handy glossary to learn about key remote work terms and their definitions.

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication

Remote Team Retros - How to Run Them Effectively

Learn to run an engaging retrospective while working remotely

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication

Communication Debt - How and Why to Keep Your Team Out of It

You need to actively manage the barrage of incoming notifications and messages your team receives to keep them happy and focused.

Henry PoydarTeam Communication

Transitioning to Remote Work - Tips from Someone Who’s Done It

New to remote work? Find out what to expect and how to make the transition easier.

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication

Effective Remote Team Stand-Up Meetings

Learn to run an engaging stand-up meeting while working remotely

Team Communication

Announcing: Our New Google Calendar Integration

Use our Google Calendar integration to easily share your meeting activity

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication , Product Updates

Use Mood Tracking to Increase Team Empathy

Use Mood Tracking to increase empathy, understanding, and to spark important conversations within your team.

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication , Product Updates

Configuring Status Hero for Teams with Large Time Zone Gaps

Configure Status Hero to collect check-ins at the end of the day and send summaries at the beginning of the following day for optimal communication between t...

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication

Daily Standups are Broken

The in-person stand-up meeting hasn't kept up with the evolution of how we work. Let's fix that.

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication

Communication in High Performing Teams

Strive for a team with a strong foundation of social intelligence and psychological safety. Your team will be more collaborative, open about weaknesses, and ...

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication

You're Not Communicating Enough with Your Team

It’s your job as manager to share information with your team. If they are kept in the dark, rumors and uneasiness settle in, and that’s on you. Default to ov...

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication