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Tiered seat limits keep things simple. Every plan includes the core platform, with big-team features unlocking at big-team sizes. See what you’d pay:

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+$129/month for the platform, billed annually

You’ll save $8,000/month or more using Steady.
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What’s included

  • Daily digests

    Personalized, context-rich digests keep everyone aligned and informed, in minutes per day.

  • Smart Check-ins

    Check-ins keep teams in sync by collecting plans, progress, and work from connected apps.

  • Live Goals

    Keep your entire org aligned with a live view of who’s doing what & why, and where things stand.

  • Member profiles

    Profiles show a filtered view of each person’s check-ins, updates, and current goals.

  • Chat Integrations

    Deliver check-in & goal update prompts to your team via Slack or Microsoft Teams.

  • Activity integrations

    Activity from tools like Github is automatically included to keep context high and effort low.

  • Blocker alerts

    Blockers make it easy to see when people need help or something noteworthy is going on.

  • SOC2 Type 2 security

    Steady takes security seriously. SSL, regular SOC 2 audits, SSO, bug bounties, and more.

  • Email & chat support

    All plans include email & chat support, with quick response from humans, not chat bots.

  • Check-in trends

    Answer questions like “Are we getting less reactive?”, and “Are people still getting stuck?”, etc.

  • Live activity feed

    See what’s going on across all of your connected apps in a single, live activity feed.

  • Single Sign-On

    Steady supports SSO, SAML, and SCIM to make it easy for you to manage user access and security.

  • Invoice billing

    Invoice billing and custom contracts are ready and available for larger Steady accounts.

  • Tier 1 SLAs

    Guaranteed 99.99% uptime and sub-48 hour response time during the work week.

  • Tier 2 SLAs

    Guaranteed 99.999% uptime and sub-24 hour response time during the work week.

  • Success coach

    A dedicated, experienced coach will work with you to make sure you get the most out of Steady.

Frequently asked questions

What about our other tools?

Steady works like a meta-layer over all of your existing tools, unifying, contextualizing, and surfacing the important bits. The only thing it replaces is manual, tedious coordination work.

Does Steady support multiple teams?

Steady was designed to solve org-wide coordination challenges. It works great for single teams, but shines at keeping multiple teams and entire companies aligned, productive, and engaged.

What if my team spans multiple time zones?

Steady is used daily by globe-spanning teams. It’s an async-first tool, with reminders and summaries delivered in local time.

Does everyone need to download an app?

No. Steady uses a combination of existing communication channels (email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams) and a purpose-built web app.

Who responds to prompts?

Everyone, ideally. Continuous Coordination is much less effective as a contributor-only practice.

Do you have to check in every day?

No. You can throttle check-ins down to once a week, or disable them entirely for specific teams. However, you’ll miss out on the focusing power of daily personal goals, and create more room for misalignment. The best way to use Steady is as a quick, 15 minute daily habit.

Does Steady work on mobile devices?

Yes. Steady works on any device - desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Do you have a monthly plan?

No. Switching to Steady usually means making some process change, and change takes time. Committing to a few months means you’re in it long enough to start seeing long-term benefits.

I have more questions.

We're happy to help. Drop us a line.

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