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Product Updates

Work in the open

Put cross-team coordination on autopilot with Open Teams.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Your new, live team directory

Know who’s doing what, who’s working with who, and what every team has going on.

Joey GrilloProduct Updates

Status Hero -> Steady

What the change to Steady means for current Status Hero customers.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Keep a Steady Beat

Introducing Steady, a human-centered approach to taming modern work.

Henry PoydarProduct Updates

Cross-team goals

New; keep multiple teams and entire companies aligned, with cross-team goals.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

More goals for more people in more places

This release includes deeper goal nesting, goal contributors, goals on profiles, and inline goal updates.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Share one check-in with multiple teams

This release delivers one of our most popular feature requests; checking into multiple teams with a single check-in.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

An all new Check-in dashboard

This release includes an all new Check-in dashboard, and updates to Reports, Insights, and profiles.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

Setting the stage for Status Hero 2.0

This release makes managing your account faster and easier, and unlocks exciting new features that we’re working on now.

Adam StoddardProduct Updates

LAUNCH: Goals/OKR Tracking Now Available!

Meet your goals or OKRs through genuine engagement.

Henry PoydarLeadership & Management , Product Updates

Where Does All The Zoom Time Go?

We've added Zoom and Google Calendar meeting duration totals to Status Hero.

Henry PoydarProduct Updates

Autocomplete anything!

Press the pound (#) key in the check-in form to auto-magically title-ize and deep link Github PRs, Jira tickets, or whatever tools your team uses.

Henry PoydarProduct Updates

Insights: Powering Effective Retros and 1:1s

Use the Insights Report to prepare for and run focused and effective retros and 1:1s.

Michael KarampalasLeadership & Management , Product Updates

Announcing: Our New Google Calendar Integration

Use our Google Calendar integration to easily share your meeting activity

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication , Product Updates

Use Mood Tracking to Increase Team Empathy

Use Mood Tracking to increase empathy, understanding, and to spark important conversations within your team.

Michael KarampalasTeam Communication , Product Updates

Status Badges for Your Team Dashboard

Status badges aren't just for repo READMEs. Add badges to your team's dashboard for real-time updates from your critical systems.

Product Updates

Supercharge Your Team’s Check-Ins with Zapier

Use our new Zapier integration to connect Status Hero with thousands of apps and tools your team uses everyday.

Product Updates

The Story Behind Status Hero

Frustrated by too many notifications, meetings, and time zone differences, we iterated through solutions until we built our own: a platform for transparency,...

Henry PoydarProduct Updates