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Keep a Steady Beat

Introducing Steady, a human-centered approach to taming modern work.

January 24th 2024

by Henry Poydar

in Product Updates

Modern knowledge work is broken, and we’re here to fix it. Steady is a proven, human-centered approach you can adopt today alongside your existing tools.

Every day, companies and teams spend more time and energy assembling the context they need to do their work than doing the actual work.

Why? Because we’ve over-engineered our work tech and processes to optimize for two things: breaking chunks of knowledge down into tiny bits of information and producing a mountain of disconnected metrics in pursuit of making “data-driven” decisions.

Project management tools turn complex epics into atom-sized tasks and tickets; performance management tools endlessly quantify task completion metrics; and communication and collaboration tools scatter it all across your organization’s knowledge footprint via wikis, emails, docs, decks, chats, etc.

Managers and contributors alike are left on their own to jigsaw together the context they need to move the needle. Because unlike factory work, knowledge work — thinking and making decisions, large and small — is impossible without the big picture — context.

The result is an endless slog of “getting caught up” that leaves no room for progress. Even worse, misalignment devours timelines and budgets — because the context Team A puzzled together is often at odds with Team B’s own context construction.

We’re data-driven instead of context-driven, and the consequences are stark and often existential: missed targets, poor quality work, and disengaged people.

Enter Steady.

Steady is a contextual alignment layer that spans your existing stack of tools and processes, continuously extracting the context and knowledge that matters for people to get real work done — without the coordination slog.

With Steady, everyone in your org invests just a few minutes a day, writing daily work intentions, cataloging blocking issues, and creating longer-term goal updates and brief risk assessments.

Steady combines these updates with data from your tools — project management tickets, calendar events, and more — and distills it all down into a crisp screenful that’s uniquely tailored for each person in your company. Everyone gets the precise context they need to stay productive, engaged, satisfied, and performing at their very best.

the Daily Digest view in Steady

Steady’s benefits range from tangible to incalculable. Not only does Steady eliminate the salaried cost of hours of coordination drudgery, it keeps teams and people aligned and happy by continuously and automatically connecting their work to the mission and vision of the organization as a whole. Ultimately your org will produce its highest quality work, faster.

But don’t just take our word for it. Steady is the next generation of Status Hero, the popular meeting replacement tool with thousands of happy, productive customers, all of whom are migrating to the Steady platform.

We built Steady on the principles of Continuous Coordination, a proven, open-source practice for prioritizing meaningful human collaboration and empowering teams, abstracted from decades of experience in distributed work and input from Status Hero customers. When you adopt Steady, you’re implementing Continuous Coordination.

Ready to go Steady?

See for yourself how Steady helps teams and companies work better, together.

Visit to get started with a full-featured 30-day free trial. All you need is your company email address. We are enterprise-ready and SOC2 Type II audited.

And if you want to talk to one of us first, visit We’d love to hear more about your org and help you apply the principles and product.

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