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Status Hero -> Steady

What the change to Steady means for current Status Hero customers.

January 24th 2024

by Adam Stoddard

in Product Updates


  • Status Hero 2.0 is here, with a new name; Steady.
  • Our new home on the web is Sign-ins, links, API endpoints, etc. at will keep working for a long time.
  • New branding and features are rolling out over the next few weeks.
  • After the rollout, emails will come from Make sure to whitelist.
  • If you use SSO, we’ll reach out soon to help you switch domains.

Say hello to Steady

Six months ago, we outlined a vision for Status Hero 2.0 with a goal to make Status Hero a great tool for companies and departments, not just individual teams. We’ve been working hard on bringing 2.0 to life ever since.

Along the way, we came to a realization; the thing we were building was bigger than “status”, and unique enough that it didn’t fit neatly in existing categories. If we kept the name “Status Hero” — tempting given how disruptive these kind of changes can be — we’d be fighting a constant uphill battle. So we put our heads together, figured out a new name (Steady), and codified a whole new software category and approach to work that we’re calling Continuous Coordination.

The Status Hero logo, and the new Steady logo

Together, Continuous Coordination (CoCo) and Steady are a comprehensive solution for modern work. A methodology and a tool to implement it that keeps everyone aligned, productive, and engaged without all the coordination overhead and morale-sapping drudgery. Read the announcement post for more.

Powerful new features

This is one of our biggest releases to date, with two marquee features; the all new Daily Digest, and unified views everywhere.

The Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is a one-stop-shop for getting up to speed and keeping everyone else in the loop on what you’re up to. The digest shows check-ins, updates, and comments across all the teams and goals you’re involved in. No jumping around from team to team, or between Check-ins and Goals. Just scroll and read. And if you want to view just goal updates/check-ins/comments, you can quickly drill down.

the Daily Digest view in Steady

The sidebar is focused around “your stuff”. Goals you’re involved in, teams you’re on, and a new addition; Action Items. Action Items keep track of all the teams you need to check-in with and goals that are due for an update. Unlike Slack/Email/Teams reminders that clear when you read them, Action Items clear when you do them. Any incomplete action items are reflected in a badge count in the nav, and on the app icon if you install Steady as a progressive web app.

With the Daily Digest, using Steady is as simple as reading your feed, and responding to Action Items. Complete context in about 15 minutes a day.

Unified views

In Status Hero 1.0, views were exclusively one team at a time, one type of content at a time. You could view the goals for the Marketing team, or the Dev team, but not both at once. Steady takes the opposite approach, integrating different types of content from different teams into singular views. The difference is night and day when it comes to keeping multiple teams and entire companies aligned over time.

The Daily Digest is one example of a unified view, but the approach extends throughout the app. For Smart Check-ins and Live Goals, you can see all teams in the account (if you’re an admin), all the teams that you’re a member of, or one team at a time.

The impact on Live Goals is particularly powerful. Instead using goals for team-level coordination, now you can create a living map of intent and progress from the very top of the company all the way down, and effortlessly move between broad context and just the things you’re involved in. Execs and leaders get a bird’s eye view of where things stand and dedicated channel for communicating vision and big-picture progress, and contributors get complete context as to how their work fits into the larger puzzle.

Other views like user profiles take an approach similar to the Daily Digest. You can see an integrated view of everything someone’s been up to, or drill down to just check-ins/goal updates/comments. This makes profiles a comprehensive look at what someone’s been up to at work; the goals they’re working towards, what they’re working on now, big picture progress, the works. They’re 1:1 companions, pre-made brag docs for review seasons, and “who is this person and what do they do?” aids.

a profile view in Steady

Smaller updates

The Daily Digest and unified views are the headliners, but there’s more:

  • All new navigation. A persistent breadcrumb and toolbar make it easier to understand where you are, and faster to get around.
  • PWA support. Steady works great & looks great as a PWA on major platforms.
  • Updated emails. Emails in Steady are now true notifications that direct you back to the app. There’s just no better way to use Steady.
  • New landing spot. instead of landing on a team picker or Check-ins dashboard, now you land on the Daily Digest.
  • Updated team management. Team selection has moved to the new toolbar; read the help docs for details.
  • Unified layout. Before, account and personal settings used a different layout than the rest of the app. Now they don’t.
  • Updated mobile nav. We tweaked and polished the mobile nav to make the mobile experience even better.
  • Better redirects. Post check-in, you now land where you started instead of always getting redirected back to the dashboard.
  • Bug fixes, polish. As usual, we squashed bugs and sanded rough edges.

If you have any questions, reach out. Thanks for using Status Hero Steady.

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