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Your new, live team directory

Know who’s doing what, who’s working with who, and what every team has going on.

March 28th, 2024

by Joey Grillo

in Product Updates

As organizations grow, it gets harder and harder to keep track of who does what, who’s working with who, and what every team has going on.

This leaves team members searching across unknown teams for the right points-of-contact, and managers often unaware of all the work happening across the organization.

That’s why we’re launching a new feature called Teams & People. Unlike static docs in Notion or the org chart in your HR tool, this is a live team directory that’s reflective of how people are actually getting work done together. Along with the directory, new team profiles showcase everything happening at the team-level, from progress made on high-level goals to daily check-ins.

Over the next week, you’ll see what’s previously been the “Team Members” view replaced with this new feature. Here’s what you can expect:

An always up-to-date, live team directory

teams list for the new team directory in Steady

Quickly see all your teams at a glance and know who’s a part of what efforts. Team descriptions make it even easier to know what each team does.

people list for the new team directory in Steady

View all the people in your organization to know who’s working with who and which teams they’re a part of. Member bios are now front-and-center so you can easily know a bit more about the people within your company.

We’ve also added a place for your company’s logo and description (tagline, mission, etc.) to further tailor Steady and make it feel more unique.

Tip: Add a description to your team or a bio to your profile and make it easier for your organization to know what you or your team are all about.

A new one-stop-shop for teams

new team profiles in Steady

Just how member profiles showcase everything you’d want to know about someone, team profiles show you everything happening within a team. See all the updates for a team along with overarching goals and check-in metrics.

Privacy note: Everyone will be able to see information about a team (team name, description, and members), but team check-ins, goals, goal updates, and comments can only be seen by team members.

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