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Cross-team goals

New; keep multiple teams and entire companies aligned, with cross-team goals.

November 23rd 2023

by Adam Stoddard

in Product Updates

Following on the heels of our last release is another great update to Live Goals; a little something we’re calling Involved Teams. Before this release, goals were team-specific. With the addition of involved teams, you can specify all the teams that need to be kept up to speed on progress. It’s a small change that makes massive difference in keeping multiple teams and/or entire companies aligned on intent and up to speed on progress.

Here’s how it works; when you’re creating or editing a goal, pick one or more teams in the teams field:

Once you save the goal, it’ll show up on the goal overview page for all the teams involved. Teams that aren’t involved won’t see a thing.

cross-goals on the Live Goals overview

Whenever updates get posted, everyone on involved teams gets notified, and no one else. Everyone who needs to know what’s going on does, without creating a bunch of noise for everyone else.

Make a company-wide goal by involving every team, create cross-functional sub-goals underneath by involving a few teams, and individual team / contributor goals under those. The end result is a live, 30,000ft view of plans & progress, and a simple, bulletproof means keeping multiple teams and entire companies aligned.

Executives and managers can see exactly where things stand at a glance and step in where need be. Teams can see what other teams are doing and avoid duplicate and mis-aligned work. Contributors can see how their work fits into the bigger picture, and showcase their work to others. Everyone gets the exact right amount of big-picture context that they need to do their jobs, without having to sift through a bunch of noise or do a bunch of leg-work to understand what’s going on.

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