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Status Badges for Your Team Dashboard

Status badges aren't just for repo READMEs. Add badges to your team's dashboard for real-time updates from your critical systems.

February 27th 2019

You’ve probably seen status badges peppered into the README files of repos or buried somewhere in company wiki documents.

These badges can convey important information, like application uptime, CI build states, open issues, and code coverage. When you think about it, a seldom checked README is really the wrong place for real-time status information concerning the health of your software development project.

So we’ve built in the ability to add these badges front-and-center on your team’s dashboard in Status Hero. If you have them configured, we’ll also add them to your email summary reports. You can set it up in Status Hero by visiting your team settings and clicking through the “Badges” tab.

Many CI and code quality services offer badges directly, but you can also use the excellent project to find the ones that are applicable to your stack. (Status Hero is a sponsor of via OpenCollective.)

Hat tip to entrepreneur and UCSD professor Thomas Powell for inspiring this feature.

As always, feedback and/or questions welcome!

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