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March 13th 2018

It’s been a while (too long!) since we gave you an update about all of the work we’ve been doing at Status Hero to improve the way your team works. We’re sorry about that we’ll do a better job at keeping you up-to-date in the future. Better late than never though, so here are some of the enhancements we added over the last few months.

Integrations, Integrations, Integrations!

In the past our integrations have been focused on connecting with your communication tools like Slack, HipChat, and Spark. These integrations are great at bringing the activity from Status Hero to you. They keep you up-to-date without having to leave the tool you’re in all day.

But over the past few months, we flipped the script. As part of our mission to simplify the way teams communicate and share progress, we focused on bringing the activity from your tools into Status Hero.

With our dozens of new integrations, the activity that your team is doing throughout the day, like creating pushes in GitHub, updating stories in Jira or Trello, and responding to tickets in Zendesk are automatically captured and included with Status Hero check-ins.

Status Hero Integrations Example

Supplementing check-ins with activity makes them more complete and efficient. They’re a beautifully simple combination of high-level goals with tactical level tasks, giving you as much or as little detail as you need. The best part is that once an integration is hooked up, everything happens automatically. No additional work required.

Even if a team member forgets to check in, their activity is captured and published out with the team’s summary report so you and your team aren’t left in the dark.

Check out the full list of integrations.


So now you’re excited to get your tools hooked up to Status Hero, but you don’t see your favorite tool listed. Fear not! With our enhanced Zapier integration, you can connect a virtually endless number of additional apps to Status Hero. Set it up to include activity from other tools in Status Hero, export check-ins to other tools like Google Sheets, or both!

Read up on the technical details for a full overview along with implementation details. Since it’s in private beta, use this link for access:

Activity Stream

The Activity page is where you get a real-time view of what your team is up to, inside and outside of Status Hero. It’s never been this easy to get a live view of what your team is up to from a single tool.

Activity from Status Hero and any connected integrations are shown in a live stream of activity on the page. See throughout the day as your team makes GitHub pushes, updates Trello, Jira, or Clubhouse items, and closes out Intercom conversations. It’s the single place to get a complete view of your team’s work.

Status Hero Activity Stream

Team Manager

We created a new user type in Status Hero called the “Team Manager.” Team Managers have the ability to modify settings at a team level, but don’t have access to billing information or modification of other teams. It’s a perfect way for companies with multiple teams to provide the configuration control that teams need without exposing billing and account information.

Team Managers can update team settings, add and remove users from a team, and designate other team managers. Team Managers cannot delete users, access account settings, or activate and deactivate teams.

To set a Team Manager, just check the “Team Manager” option on the edit screen for a team member.

Status Hero Team Manager

Check-in Enhancements

Even with our focus on integrations and activity, we also found time to tackle a few frequent requests related to check-ins. The first, and biggest, request was for the ability to attach files to your check-ins. We made it really easy - just drag and drop your files to add them to your check-ins and your teammates can access them from the dashboard. It’s as simple as that.

We also added a live preview (with autosave!) so that you can easily see how your check-in will render - no more clicking preview and going back and forth to get your information to look right or double check your markdown.

Status Hero Check-in Form

And more to come!

That’s quite a bit, but we have more features in the works, all focused on simplifying your job as a team manager and member. Give us a shout and let us know what enhancement or feature you’d like to see next!

Feedback welcome!

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