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The Steady Beat - Issue 24.5.1

Designers and chefs, dopamine and retention, the benefits of tech debt, and the evolving role of engineering managers.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

Apple's Vision Pro, Anthropology, and Modern Work

While Apple's headset may not be suitable for in-person social interactions, it has lots of potential in the modern workplace.

Henry PoydarPeople & Culture , Newsletter , Team Communication

Issue #7: 💬 Four Fifths

The four-day-workweek is roaring back to relevancy in a big way -- but can it hold on?

Andy DidorosiNewsletter

Bossware, Trust, and “Productivity” Scores

At Status Hero, we're building the opposite of bossware.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

What is this thing?

Turn the engagement level of your team meeting up a notch

Henry PoydarNewsletter

How and Why a Co-Located Team Can Work

Co-location is optimal for agile working, making it easy to be creative, think together, and use visualizations to align on the same goal. With almost no bar...

Sabine WojcieszakNewsletter

Delivering Incremental Value

Status Hero's goal tracking feature is designed to track incremental goals. But continuously delivering incremental value to the business is the end result.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

Distractions and Communication Debt

Proactively and deliberately give yourself and your team a break.

Henry PoydarNewsletter

Respect and Ping Pong

Don't kill office perks. But take care of the management fundamentals first.

Henry PoydarNewsletter


Henry PoydarNewsletter