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Where Does All The Zoom Time Go?

We've added Zoom and Google Calendar meeting duration totals to Status Hero.

February 15th 2023

by Henry Poydar

in Product Updates

Like most remote or hybrid teams, our product team at Status Hero spends a lot of time collaborating over Zoom. 29 hours and 46 minutes across seven people last week, to be exact.

Mostly that’s ok: we’re clear about how and when to use these calls, and we try to schedule them so they don’t interfere with longer stretches of individual deep work. Ideally.

But I know that’s not the case for many teams, where managers struggle to strike a balance between we-have-to-meet-to-get-stuff-done and the genuine problems of meeting fatigue, context switching, and maker vs. manager time.

Today at Status Hero we’ve updated the app to make finding that balance a little easier: Status Hero will automatically total up time spent in Zoom meetings or Google calendar events. These totals will appear alongside every check-in and in team summaries elsewhere. Here’s my check-in activity summary for yesterday:

Henry's check-in activity list

You can also visit the insights report and filter by day or team members to total up the Zoom or calendar time:

Insights report with duration summaries for Zoom meetings and Google Calendar events

Our goal is to give you the data you can’t readily see from your calendar to schedule (or cancel) group meetings. For instance, if your lead designer spent six hours in meetings yesterday, maybe skip pulling her into that meeting today so that she can, you know, design.

Happy prioritizing!

P.S. Ever wonder how much a meeting costs in real dollars? Download our handy Google Calendar Chrome extension and find out. Hint: it’s far more than you thought.

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