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Meta Workplace Alternatives

Were you using Meta Workplace to communicate? Use Steady instead to coordinate.

A pragmatic look at using generative AI on a digital team

Draw the line at decision making and critical thinking.

What is Continuous Coordination?

A lightweight, human-centered framework for aligning people and teams to do their best work.

The cure for micro-management

How to use goals to get things done without telling people what to do.

Google's Crackdown

With Google's severe new return to office policy, will this mean the end of remote work as we know it?

The End of Rest

In a world forever accelerating, the rarest resource will be meaningful rest.

The power of the walkie-talkie

Getting straight to the point with structured communications.

Building vs. optimizing

Inside every software company there are two modes.

The Price of Innovation

The AI boom is only now possible because of... COVID??

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