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Setting the stage for Status Hero 2.0

This release makes managing your account faster and easier, and unlocks exciting new features that we’re working on now.

June 27th 2023

by Adam Stoddard

in Product Updates

Today, teams within Status Hero accounts are completely isolated from one another. That works great for small companies and single-team accounts, but it doesn’t map to how larger multi-team companies work in real life. What’s happening on the design team affects the development team and vice versa; context across teams is crucial.

Our goal is to make Status Hero a great tool for companies and departments, not just individual teams. And we’re making it happen, starting today, with an update that makes the majority of settings account-wide instead of team-specific. It sets the stage for bigger updates we’re working on, and makes a bunch of stuff better right now:

  • Set and forget integrations - Instead of setting up integrations from scratch every time you create a new team, now you can turn them on once in your account settings and never think about it again. A few integrations like Slack and Microsoft Teams remain team-specific for now, but we have plans.
  • Streamlined settings - We gave account, team, and personal settings a soup-to-nuts overhaul, with a fresh UI and revamped information architecture that makes it faster and easier to manage every facet of your account. updated settings in Status Hero
  • Account-wide profiles - Instead of team-specific user profiles, every Status Hero user now has a single profile that’s used across every team that they’re on.
  • Account-wide Check-in configuration - Don’t want to use mood tracking across the board? Want to change a Check-in question across every team? No problem. Check-ins now have global settings that apply to every single team on your account. Individual teams still have a few settings for enabling/disabling Check-ins for an entire team, setting custom schedules, and opting individual people out of Check-ins (what we used to call “Observer mode”).
  • Company holidays - Instead of adding holidays independently for every team in your account, now you can manage company holidays from a single screen. Don’t worry about team holidays you’ve already created; they’ll automatically get added as company holidays.

This release is just the beginning; over the next few months, you can expect to see a steady stream of updates to key features like Check-ins and Goals, and a slew of new features that aim to make Status Hero the place for building alignment and staying on top of everything that’s going on at work.

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