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Scrum Metrics Every Team Leader Needs to Track

Using Scrum with your team and want to know how you're performing? Learn which metrics are most important to track and why so that you can get the best resul...

Cameron PaveyProductivity

Using Jira for Scrum Teams

Organizing, maintaining, and managing an agile team can be huge, complicated work. Learn how you can use Jira with your team to more easily and continuously ...

Sheekha SinghProductivity

The Complete Guide to Effective Virtual Meetings

Good communication is vital to an organization’s success, and virtual meetings play an essential role in achieving that. But you can’t simply transfer in-per...

Sabine WojcieszakTeam Communication

The Scrum Board’s Role in Agile Development

Scrum boards offer a quick visual and interactive display of a project’s progress, allowing the entire team to be on the same page about the day-to-day work ...

Kumar HarshProductivity

7 Ground Rules for Virtual Meetings

Use these 7 ground rules to keep your virtual meetings efficient and productive.

Daniel OlaogunTeam Communication

Using Stakeholder Meetings to Align Your Product Team

Building a product is hard work, especially when you’re building with a team. If you ensure that your product team is aligned from the start, you’ll have a b...

Keanan KoppenhaverTeam Communication

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