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Professional Priorities in the Age of AI

As an AI researcher do you keep digging -- or do you cash in?

AI and LLM Generation vs. Summarization

Functional knowledge bases represent critical thinking, so they are not a good fit for generative AI. On the other hand, the summarization and analysis capab...

Meeting Fatigue vs. Making Human Connections

Don't kill your stand-up, but hold it less often and change the agenda.

It's not the AI that's hallucinating

Whether you think AI will replace us, or it's just a passing fad: you're right.

Amazon demands a return to the office, but will anyone come?

The tech giant states most everyone will need to do three days in the office starting in May, but not everyone is on board.

Sameness on Demand

In an age where we are all acting like computers already, turns out replacing us is the easy part.

What is Hybrid Work? A Short History

"Hybrid work" has been in all the headlines recently as a "new way" of working together. Here's a brief summary of where hybrid work came from, who is agains...

WTF is an OKR!? ft. KPIs or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Acronyms

OKRs are all the rage now so here's a pocket guide on what they are and how to implement them in your team.

Building Company Culture for Remote and Hybrid Teams

If you've got a company, you've got a culture. Investing in your culture for your remote team is just as important as if you all worked in an office. Here's ...

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