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Time to Think

To accomplish something meaningful, you must fight back against constant distractions and get into a state of deep work.

Daily Standups are Broken

The in-person stand-up meeting hasn't kept up with the evolution of how we work. Let's fix that.

On Meetings and Wasting Time

Human progress comes from collaboration. People don’t hate meetings necessarily, they just hate having their time wasted.

Case Study: CodersRank

CodersRank analyzes public data from sources like Github and Stack Overflow so you can see how you stack up against software developers across the world.

Rock Stars vs. Superstars

You need a good mix of growth trajectory and ambition in your team. Keep the reliable rock stars on your team happy by offering them the same pay and respect...

Case Study: Interview Cake

Interview Cake is a study tool that preps software engineering candidates for programming interviews.

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