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Add Reactions to Check-ins

March 15th 2016

Now there is a new way for you and your team to quickly add feedback to each other’s check-ins: reactions. By now, most of you are familiar with this kind of functionality, which is ubiquitous in social media apps, and now can be found in collaboration tools like GitHub.

With one tap or click, you can give a thumbs up, express confusion or offer congratulations. It’s quick way to asynchronously give praise, recognize progress or signal the need for more information without having to construct a comment or distract someone with a chat/tap-on-the-shoulder.

Configurable notifications are sent to the check-in author every time someone reacts. Like comments, the notifications are delayed for a few moments just in case you reacted accidentally. (A second tap will remove the reaction.)

And of course you can continue to use whatever emoticons you want within check-ins and comments, in addition to this new functionality.

Feedback welcome!


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