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The 'Geriatric Millenial'

May 20th 2021

by Henry Poydar

in Newsletter

Good morning,

Were you born between 1980 and 1985? Congratulations, you qualify for the “geriatric millennial” label making its way through the workplace lexicon.

It’s not an oxymoron or an attempt at sarcasm. Older millennials, the first generation to grow up with both digital and analog communications, arguably are uniquely qualified to handle post-Covid hybrid work environments.

Erica Dhawan lays it out in "Why the Hybrid Workforce of the Future Depends on the 'Geriatric Millennial.

Erica created quite a stir with the piece and published a follow-up based on the reaction.

I’m slightly older (a juvenile gen-Xer, I suppose), but my parents were early personal computer adopters, so I can certainly relate to the argument. However, I think empathy plays a more significant role than circumstance when it comes to communication skills.

Have a great weekend,

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