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Case Study: JouwWeb

JouwWeb is a free and easy website creation and hosting platform that makes it possible for anyone to have a professional website.

August 27th, 2019

Wouter Twisk and his team at JouwWeb have a goal of making it easy for everyone to create a website that they can be proud of. And they’ve done a great job at it, helping people create over 750,000 websites with just a team of 13. To scale while keeping the team small, they’ve had to leverage technology in smart ways. That’s what led them to Status Hero.

Wouter and his team were holding regular standups but they were struggling to keep them productive and focused. They were “time-consuming, chaotic and gave difficulties with more people working remotely.”

  • Founded in 2009
  • 13 team members
  • Located in Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Over 750,000 websites created
  • Site: JouwWeb

The team at JouwWeb recognized that they needed to try a different approach. First, they tried using a dedicated Slack channel. It made things easier for remote team members but it also “made the standups less structured and more time consuming to keep track of the updates.”

“It’s the start of a new day at the office!” - Wouter Twisk, CEO

Wouter started looking in the Slack App Directory for solutions that supported asynchronous standups and would help his team focus while keeping things simple and easy for everyone. After looking at some basic standup “bots” and feeling they were incomplete, Wouter found Status Hero had the functionality and experience his team was looking for.

Wouter Twisk
Wouter Twisk

He created a trial account and added his team.

They started to see the benefits of Status Hero right away, especially the goal tracking. “Because we need to answer explicitly whether we achieved the goals of yesterday, we are more focused and make sure we meet the goals!”

Besides helping his team focus on and achieve their goals, Status Hero made it easier for his team to participate in standups. “The percentage of team members participating in the standup has increased by at least 30%. It makes it possible for our team members to work remotely or flexible hours.”

But the biggest selling points was how simple it was to use. “At JouwWeb we like to keep things simple. No unnecessary functions, complex terms or complicated forms. We strive for a working atmosphere with focus and tranquility.”

Status Hero was the perfect complement to JouwWebs’s motto of simplicity and a focused work environment.

“It’s the start of a new day at the office!”

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