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Steady, a Continuous Coordination Application, Launches to Bring Productivity, Quality, and Engagement to Modern Work

Steady directly targets the productivity and communication problems of today’s knowledge work environments with a simple, human-first approach based on decades of distributed work experience.

NEW YORK, NY (January 24th, 2024)

Today marks the official launch of Steady, a Continuous Coordination web application for companies and teams, now available at

Steady is a work alignment layer, synthesizing live goal updates with data from existing project management, performance management, and communication/collaboration tools to keep entire organizations in sync.

With Steady, each manager and contributor gets a personalized daily digest screen with precisely the context they need to add value — without having to jigsaw together information at the expense of the work itself.

The result is a high-performing organization of engaged people moving in lock-step towards common mission and vision.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re remote, hybrid, or on-site. Modern work is now distributed and crosses the boundaries of time and place,“ said Henry Poydar, CEO of Steady. “You need a proven and deliberate plan for distributed work to build great products, services, and a high-performing organizational culture. Continuous Coordination via Steady is the way to implement that plan.“

Continuous Coordination

At its core, Steady applies Continuous Coordination, an open-source set of principles that enhance productivity, work quality, and engagement. Developed from decades of distributed work experience by the founding team at Steady, along with contributors from across the tech industry, this proven approach ensures that organizations are continuously aligned, informed, engaged, and productive. Continuous Coordination is documented in a position paper at

Building on the Success of Status Hero

Steady is the evolution of Status Hero, the widely acclaimed async communication tool. It brings forward the best aspects of Status Hero while introducing new, innovative features that make Steady the next-generation tool for effective organizational alignment.

Backed by Industry Leaders

The development and launch of Steady have been supported by notable investors including Early Light Ventures, Inner Loop Capital, Red Shepherd Ventures, Riptide Ventures, and a group of angel investors. Their backing underscores the potential and impact of Steady in transforming the landscape of modern work.

Try Steady Today

To experience the benefits of Steady, visit for a 30-day full-featured free trial. Steady is enterprise-ready and meets the highest security standards with SOC2 Type II auditing. For personalized assistance, visit to discuss how Steady can be integrated into your organization.

About Steady

Steady is a Continuous Coordination platform that uses smart, structured communication loops to cut through the noise and keep companies and teams aligned, engaged, and productive in minutes per day. Discover more at


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