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Demand Generation Marketer

Full-time, U.S.-based remote

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We're seeking an experienced demand-generation professional to help us build awareness and drive marketing-qualified leads to our B2B SaaS sales pipeline.

Our bootstrapped and profitable company raised a seed round in 2022 to evolve and expand our team communication product, Status Hero. In the beginning of 2024, we launched this product as Steady and created a new category of tools and processes called Continuous Coordination .

Continuous Coordination is a set of open-source principles derived from proven management fundamentals but evolved for post-pandemic modern work, in which we function flexibly across geographies and schedules. Steady is the first implementation of Continuous Coordination.

You'll work directly with the founder, head of sales, and product leadership to bring attention and excitement to this new category, the problem it solves for knowledge-work organizations, and Steady.

We're a small, lean, tight-knit team by design. You'll be the only full-time marketer at first, so your responsibilities will range from high-level strategic planning to day-to-day operational tactics.

This is a rare opportunity to participate in an early-stage venture with an experienced team shipping a validated product in a new category.


  • Lead generation: creating strategies and campaigns to attract and capture potential customer leads across channels like email marketing, content marketing, social, and advertising.
  • Lead nurturing: developing and executing lead nurturing campaigns to engage and qualify leads, moving them through the sales funnel towards becoming sales-ready opportunities.
  • Campaign management: planning, executing, and tuning integrated marketing campaigns across multiple channels to drive awareness, interest, and demand for our category and product
  • Analysis and reporting: analyzing campaign performance data, lead metrics, and funnel metrics to identify areas for improvement
  • Alignment with sales and product: collaborating closely with our sales function and company leadership to ensure a smooth lead handoff process, aligning marketing efforts with sales goals, and supporting the overall revenue generation objectives


  • Proven track record in lead generation and nurturing for B2B SaaS companies
  • Experience with account-based marketing (ABM) strategies and techniques
  • Hands-on expertise in marketing automation platforms
  • Proficiency in creating and executing multi-channel campaigns (email, content, social, webinars)
  • Familiarity with SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing channels
  • Data analysis and reporting skills to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Ability to collaborate cross-functionally with sales, product, and other teams
  • Experience in defining and targeting ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas
  • Strong understanding of the SaaS sales cycle and buyer journey
  • Adaptability and creativity to market a new category
  • Strong written communication abilities


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Steady is a different kind of startup. We're funded and profitable, but there's only a handful of us. You will have the opportunity to make an outsized impact while working remotely at your own pace.

Perks and benefits include unlimited vacation, flexible hours, remote stipend, and professional development support.

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